I’m not allowed to watch a lot of TV as apparently it will make my eyes go square!! Worrying thought. But so far I’ve seen and enjoyed the following films, which I thought I’d share:

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn – I watched this with my humans recently and I really admire Snowy. After all, he’s the brains behind their pairing. I hope one day I can solve mysteries as well as he can.



Bolt – what a super dog! My humans tell me my super power is my ability (and willingness) to lick everything. Well its the only way to find out how things taste right?




Marley and Me – I wasn’t too sure about this at first.  Its one of my female human’s favourite films though she cries everytime she sees it – surely a good film should make you happy?? But I loved the scene when Marley tries to get out of the moving car – classic!


Beethoven – Its a few years old now, and I gather some of the sequels aren’t up to scratch, but the first film was great fun. Truly proves that no family is complete without a furry companion




I’ve heard there’s a great actor in Anchorman called Baxter who can speak to his human – what an amazing feat! But my humans say I’m not old enough to see it as its rated 15 😦


2 Comments on “Films”

  1. littlesthobo says:

    You should check out Turner and Hooch – its a classic

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