reduce stress – take your dog to work

My human was reading this article the other day, and seemed amazed at the idea that taking your dog to work improves morale, teamwork and job satisfaction as well as reducing stress levels. Well I could’ve told them that!! I mean who wouldn’t be chilled when your furry friend is there to lend a hand? I’d be a great help in my female human’s office. I could nip anyone not pulling their weight, entertain her colleagues when they’re bored, let them take me for walks when they’re stressed, eat their snacks if they are trying to diet and need to avoid temptation … Of course, it would have to be in exchange for regular bellyrubs and treats. That would only be fair.

Perhaps the government should issue a new law to make in compulsory for every workplace to have at least one dog to keep an eye on things. Thinking about it, I don’t know why no one has thought of this before! How on earth have those poor humans survived without us for so long??


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