The Monster returns

I mentioned in a previous blog entry that there is a metal monster roaming our streets (See Monster on the Loose!).

Well, over the past few weeks I’ve come to realise that there is a pattern to its behaviour: it comes round every monday morning. Previously I thought it was stealing food from the humans, but I now believe the situation is graver than that – the food is in fact a tribute which the humans leave out to placate the monster and stop it from eating them!!

The pieces finally came together this morning as I walked my human. I’d noticed that they purposely leave the food containers out every Sunday night so that they are at the end of the front garden, making it easy for the monster’s minions to pick them up the following morning.

When I realised this, I rushed home hoping to confront the monster myself, if the humans can’t speak up for themselves then I’d have to do it for them!! I rushed so fast that my human started to complain that I was pulling and at one point she even slipped over in the mud. I did feel bad about that, but it couldn’t be helped, she was lagging behind and I was on a mission! But by the we reached home, the monster had already collected its tributes and its evil scheme remains unchecked.

Be warned monster, I am watching you!



woohoo! The bonios are back:-) My humans must love me afterall

The Last Bonio

Disaster has stuck, I’ve run out of bonios!!

Bonios are my favourite treats, and I have a special ball that they fit in so I can combine two things I enjoy the most: chasing my ball and munching:-)

Usually my female human’s sire brings me boxes of them so I never run short, and often when we are at his house he sneaks me extra bonios when my humans aren’t looking:-) I always give him lots of doggie kisses to thank him. But this week when we went to visit he didn’t have any for me:-( Maybe I did something wrong and the lack of bonios is a punishment? But I can’t think what I could’ve done.  Whatever it is, I had my last bonio two days ago and no sign of any more.

Will I ever get another bonio?


Yes, as the heading implies, i have a crush *sigh*.

His name is Finn and he’s a Collie who attends the training class I take my humans to. He has striking colouring, is playful and great to be around. Whenever I see him I go a little weak at the knees and often find myself wrestling with him in the most unladylike manner. Seeing him is definitely the highlight of my week.

But I’ve just found out that he has a girlfriend. She was on holiday (which is why I hadn’t met her before) but she’s back now and made it very clear they are together. Her name is Lady and she’s a sleek white Husky with piercing blue eyes.  I tried to put my feelings aside and befriend her too, but she’s giving me the cold shoulder.

I’m not really sure where that leaves me or what to do when I see them both next week. Why is life so hard?

Looks a bit like me, but waaaay more polite!! I’d just hop in the bed and make myself comfortable lol

Source: Uploaded by user via Jenniffer on Pinterest


My human seemed to think this was too big for me, but I think its good to aim high:-)


Being a dog is pretty awesome. Come rain, snow or shine, I’m kinda covered. No need for umbrellas, raincoats or wellies: just open the front door and I’m good to go.

Its been raining for what feels like a year now, and I can’t get enough of it. Extra places to drink, great squishy sounds in the mud when I walk and most of all I love rolling around in the wet grass:) My un-weather proofed female human doesn’t fare quite as well though. She wraps up in her raincoat with the hood so far down she can barely see and acts like we’re about to be swept away in a great flood. What a silly billy! Luckily I’m on hand to show her that rain isn’t scary. And most of all I get extra belly rubs when she tries to dry me off with the towel when we get back home. Heaven! I just hope it continues.

monday again

Enjoy your monday everyone

bathroom woes

This is not my week! Yesterday I got stuck in the bathroom all morning:-(

When my humans are out I like to check everything is safe and secure. As i was doing my rounds, I noted that the bathroom door was closed, as it usually is, but I thought I heard a noise from inside. Had my humans come home without me realising? I had to investigate! I scratched at the door, but it didn’t budge. Then I pushed at it with my shoulder a few times, until eventually it opened! I looked inside and quickly realised that there was no one there. I guess the noise had come from outside. But as I turned to leave, the bathroom door swung shut and I was stuck inside!

At first I was in a panic. I scratched and scratched at the door and I must admit I made an awful mess. But of course, no one was home to let me out. When I calmed down, I realised I would just have to wait it out and so made myself comfortable in the bottom of the shower cubicle. And as it was still damp from my human’s morning washes, I was able to lap up some water – getting panicky is thirsty work!

I think I must’ve slept for a bit, because the next thing I knew, my male human was calling me. I was feeling too wretched to respond, but he found me soon enough. He was too shocked and confused to be angry at the mess. So instead he gave me lots of cuddles and most importantly, my lunch.

I won’t be going in there again in a hurry! And I certainly hope my week picks up soon.




the wrong treat

On Thursday I made a bit of a mistake – yes hard as it is to believe, it’s true. Although not entirely my fault. My humans went to work as usual and had left out what I thought was a treat. Well, when I say left out, it was in a place I had to reach for, which obviously was an attempt to engage my interest, make me use my initiative and ultimately think outside the box. All good skills to develop and I do enjoy a challenge:). So I stretched up on my front paws and used my nose to nudge the treat forward, and my teeth to finally catch it.

It turned out to be green and squishy, kinda like what I gather jelly to be like. It looked like this. I must admit, it didn’t taste of much, but sometimes you have to get to the middle to get to the good bit, so I kept chewing. I have to say it was quite unsatisfying as treats go, and it wasn’t long before I had an awful tummy ache. What were my humans thinking leaving me this??

It wasn’t till the next day that my humans started looking for something they called a sponge, apparently they use it to wash up their dishes (they are so lazy, why don’t they use their tongues?!) It turns out that it wasn’t a jelly treat that I ate, but in fact the sponge. Whoopsie. But I guess my insides are all nice and clean now!