cats are evil

I recently encountered a strange creature called a cat. At first I thought it was cute and fluffy and was happy to make friends. But this ball of fur hissed at me in the most impolite manner. When I approached further in an attempt to make friends, giving her a wag of my tail and my biggest smile, the cat’s fur started to stand on end. I assumed it was having some kind of fit, so I stepped closer to try to help. I’ve seen the Vinnie Jones ad and figured I could give CPR a go. But just as I was about to make my move, this evil feline took a swipe at my nose, claws out!! OUCH!! Talk about cheap shot! Then it ran off like the coward it was.

I was prepared to give this so-called cat the benefit of the doubt and offer up the paw of friendship, but it drew first blood and this means WAR. Kitties beware!


4 Comments on “cats are evil”

  1. Andy Gibbons says:

    What a terrible thing for that Cat to do to you Misaki, how do you plan to ready yourself if another such attack should happen?

    Hope you are all ok now xx

  2. I plan to study these cat creatures till I can find their weaknesses…

  3. Don’t let their size deceive you Misaki, they may be small but they carry sharp claws…

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