Everyday I take my humans for walkies. The fresh air and exercise is good for them. Plus they always give me treats to thank me for taking them, so its a win-win situation:-)

They seem to like walking along the main road, which is noisy, smelly and for clueless humans, dangerous. So I tend to steer them to the park which is much nicer. Plus there are pigeons I can chase and often other humans stop to comment how soft and fluffy I am. I must confess, I’m not immune to their flattery.

This morning, we came across a Labrador. So far my interaction with other dogs has been limited to the training class I took my humans to (they did poorly but its early days). So in an attempt to be friendly, I went up to give him a sniff. Poo-ey did he need a bath! So I did what anyone would do in my paws, and I started giving the poor thing a wash. His humans are obviously sub-standard in the hygiene dept. But for some reason he got offended and growled at me in the rudest manner! I can only assume he liked being stinky. Each to their own I guess!


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