New mode of transport

OK so I’ve tried cars and I’ve tried buses, neither of which have left favourable impressions. But today I discovered a new way to travel – by train. I was unsure at first, but pretty soon I started to enjoy myself, plus the other passengers were much more friendly and all of them wanted to pet met. Can’t really go wrong with that:-)





mmm this is nice:-)

cats are evil

I recently encountered a strange creature called a cat. At first I thought it was cute and fluffy and was happy to make friends. But this ball of fur hissed at me in the most impolite manner. When I approached further in an attempt to make friends, giving her a wag of my tail and my biggest smile, the cat’s fur started to stand on end. I assumed it was having some kind of fit, so I stepped closer to try to help. I’ve seen the Vinnie Jones ad and figured I could give CPR a go. But just as I was about to make my move, this evil feline took a swipe at my nose, claws out!! OUCH!! Talk about cheap shot! Then it ran off like the coward it was.

I was prepared to give this so-called cat the benefit of the doubt and offer up the paw of friendship, but it drew first blood and this means WAR. Kitties beware!

Bus ride

Yesterday I went for my first bus ride. Not something I’m in a hurry to repeat. It was all fine, till the floor starting moving beneath my paws and I found myself struggling to remain upright. How do humans do it with only 2 legs keeping them up??

Between my humans laughing at my dilemma and strange humans professing to be scared of me – how could they be scared of me when we’re on an out-of-control bus!?! It was not a pleasant experience.

I was very glad to get back on solid ground again! I think I’ll stick to my own paws in future and leave the buses to the humans.




Humans are so funny! When mine are together they pretend that neither of them lets me sleep on their bed. So when I try to make myself comfortable at night, they both protest loudly and shoo me off. But as soon as my female human goes to work in the morning, my male (who is doing something called holiday, which seems to mean watching TV all day), turns a blind eye and lets me curl up next to him.  I must say their bed is much more comfortable than mine.

I just hope they start being honest about it soon. Once they dispense with the play-acting, I’ll be able to sleep on the bed all the time. Bliss

Mother’s Day

I am knackered! My poor little puppy paws are ready to drop off. I think I definitely need a nap.

Today my humans were celebrating something called mother’s day which seemed to be a day for other humans to come round and play with me – Perhaps I misunderstood and its actually Misaki day?? Although it’s not my birthday till December…

Anyway, I got lots of treats, a new toy and lots of belly rubs so I can’t complain in that respect. But being centre of attention is exhausting! I was constantly having to entertain the humans, as they have no imagination and often sit around not saying much. I tried to live things up by jumping on them to wake them up, but they just got grumpy, and after a while it made me very tired. I hope this mother’s day thing doesn’t happen very often!

new toy

We were at my favourite supermarket, Jollyes, where they were having a human socialisation evening. I attended with 4 other dogs who had brought their humans, the idea was for the humans to interact in a controlled environment. Overall my humans were very well-behaved. They obviously remembered their training from last night.

Anyway, while they were playing nicely, I found a toy there that was amazing! I just wish I could have one. It must be very expensive as it was somekind of robodog but so lifelike it could jump and bark a little, but most of all it was really playful. It was perfectly bitesized and I had such fun.

Afterwards, my humans tried to tell me it was a REAL dog, but I’m not that gullible!


In my personal opinion, training is necessary when living with humans. They try, bless them, but often need help. Last night the 9 puppies and I lined up with our humans, while our instructor, a large German Shepherd, showed us the best way to walk your human. The good thing was he’d brought his human along and was able to demonstrate in front of us. It was very instructive. If only my human was as well behaved as his! But no matter, it is early days.

I tried out a few of the moves this morning during our trip to the park. My human hasn’t quite picked it up yet, but there was some improvement. She certainly seemed pleased and gave me treats, which of course is the main thing!

Monster on the loose!

This morning I encountered a disturbing scene. While taking my human for her walk, we came across a metal monster with orange flashing eyes. It made the most awful sound, but worst of all, it was stealing from every front garden! Every house had a box outside, which was similar to the storage box my humans keep my food in. So I can only assume it was taking everyone’s food!! I was outraged! I tried to bark at it, but I wasn’t loud enough over its overwhelming din. Meanwhile my human looked on in confusion. I had to take charge, so I ran back to our house, taking her with me. But alas we were too late: our box had been taken too. I’ll have to be on my guard in case it comes round again, and next time I’ll be ready for it!!