WW: Tug of pig!


WW: Paddling pool


WW: Don’t go to work


Stay home and play with me instead. Or at least help me put my toys away LOL

WW: National Bra Day for Mollie!


You might wonder why I’m wearing a bra. This is because it’s Mollie‘s birthday and we all know she’s the queen of the bra LOL!  Happy birthday bestie:-)

WW: Scarf


You’re probably wondering why I’m wearing a scarf. Pop back tomorrow to find out!

WW: Zombie Dog

After my post yesterday a few of you asked to see me as a zombie, so here you go. But be warned, it’s not for the fainthearted LOL

Zombie Misaki

WW: Snuggles


Sometimes when it’s chilly daddy brings the duvet downstairs and we snuggle on the sofa together:-)

WW: Slipper


Ok, so how long do I have to wait for my prince charming??

WW: Treat Ball


Yep, my mouth is THAT big LOL

WW: Let’s play ball!

2013-11-15 12.15.07

Or rather, throw the ball, I’ll chase it then abandon it and you have to find it LOL :-)


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