Yesterday I *may* have rolled in something that smelled divine. Mummy and daddy weren’t too impressed though, they said I was stinky. I thought I smelt amazing.

2014-04-13 10.36.25

can you see that dark spot on my neck?

They weren’t looking forward to giving me a bath so they took me to the pond to try and wash it off.

2014-04-13 11.03.26

I had great fun splashing around in the water, not only to clean up, but to cool down too. They thought the smell had gone until later in the day when I was sitting next to daddy. He got a whiff of my divine new perfume, he didn’t seem to like it though. He’s now threatening me with the B word – oh the horror!

Do you like to roll in smelly things?

Cat Watch

Apologies to my kitty friends, but the cats in my neighbourhood are taking the fur!

For the past few nights they’ve been trespassing in my garden and I am not a happy doggy. The worst thing is as soon as daddy lets me out to explain the property rules to these disrespectful  moggies, they run off like they are playing knock-down ginger!

So I’ve decided to sleep in the garden tonight with a spotlight and a water pistol to teach them a lesson. Now I’ve just got to convince daddy to let me stay outside and to find a water pistol that doesn’t require thumbs to operate it. Any ideas where I can get one??


Mummy can you bring my bed out to the garden please? I could be here a while

Have you ever had trespassers in your garden??


WW: Don’t go to work


Stay home and play with me instead. Or at least help me put my toys away LOL


Have you ever lost your favourite toy? Whether under the bed,  behind the sofa, or in the bushes in the garden? Well, that’s what happened to me. This is a picture of my blue ball from October 2012.

2012-10-11 21.19.50

I’m not a huge fan of balls unless they squeak, which this one did when I first got it. I loved chomping on it over and over again.  Anyway, it went missing for ages and I thought it was gone forever. But then the other week it reappeared from whatever alternate dimension it had got lost in. And since then I’ve been playing with it constantly. It doesn’t squeak and it’s more ‘hole’ than whole lol. But it’s great fun to chew on, and I love it when mummy or daddy chase me for it:-)


Did you ever notice that discovering old toys is almost like getting a new one? That’s how it is for me anyway. I hope it doesn’t get lost again anytime soon.

Have you ever lost and then found one of your toys?

Overnight camping trip

On Friday I mentioned I might be having an adventure this weekend, and I sure did. We went on a mini camping trip.

You may remember that ages ago mummy and daddy bought a tent but when we actually got round to going in the summer, mummy complained it was too hot. So we waited till November, but daddy chickened out cos it was too cold. Typical! I thought it had been forgotten about, but as the weather has been so nice the idea got resurrected.

As we haven’t been before, they decided that it would be worth a trial run. Just an overnight trip to figure out how to put the tent up, what equipment we still need and most of all how I’d cope sleeping under canvas.

We stayed at a local campsite, which I have to say was very nice with good facilities and was well-lit in the evening. On the whole it was fairly successful, although I didn’t feel comfortable leaving any peemail in the camp. We did go for an evening walk by the river so I left some there but through the night I had to cross my legs and woke them up a few times for unsuccessful peemail trips.

Although mummy is the weak link when it comes to camping, it was Daddy who slept badly and was keen to get home asap the next morning lol. And I was so pleased to finally relieve myself in the garden!

We are planning to try camping again soon and hopefully I’ll get over my peemail hang-up. Have you been camping? And did you enjoy it?

Friday cuddles

Yesterday I showed me curled up with mummy on the bed, so today here’s me and daddy having cuddles. Can you feel the daddy-doggy love?

2014-04-01 20.44.53

2014-04-01 20.44.58

I’m hoping to have a bit of an adventure this weekend, but don’t want to reveal too much in case it doesn’t happen. Do you have fun things planned?

In the meantime, here are some funnies from pinterest:

OMD it's Cupcake and Bacon!

95e1e56297a657e876ba4c8f553e408f hB23BEB04

Have a great weekend!

Random Thursday

The weather has been lovely of late so I’ve been spending lots of time doing this:

I’m also super happy cos my buddy Sebastian is home from his 2 week holiday. We’re back to wrestling and having loads of fun together on our walkies. Yay!


But afterwards I was so pooped I decided to make myself comfy on mummy’s feet and took over the bed so daddy couldn’t get in  LOL

2014-04-01 23.41.41



On a totally different topic there’s been loads of stuff on facebook recently about the banning of pinch collars in the UK. I must confess I’d never heard of these before, but I’ve seen some photos and they look horrible. If anyone is interested in getting involved, there’s a fb group dedicated to the campaign which you can find here and a petition that you can sign here:

WW: National Bra Day for Mollie!


You might wonder why I’m wearing a bra. This is because it’s Mollie‘s birthday and we all know she’s the queen of the bra LOL!  Happy birthday bestie:-)

post mother’s day

This weekend was a bit crazy. We had both sets of grandpawrents over for dinner for mother’s day so Saturday was a flurry of activity, with cleaning and shopping and prep work. Then Sunday I had to supervise the cooking, and then when everyone turned up I had to play welcome committee, washer, hoover and entertainer. It was a very busy day for me. I also kept an eye on everyone through dinner to see if they needed any help with their food. Unfortunately they all seemed to manage just fine:-(


don’t mind me

I am pretty knackered now and definitely need to have a good snooze to recover


I am sooo behind in reading on your bloggies, but will really try to get round to see you all today.

My Scarf

Yesterday I used a picture of me in a scarf for the Wordless Wednesday bloghop. And you were probably thinking WTD?? It’s (supposed to be) Spring AND you’re a snow dog. Why do you need to wear a scarf? Do you have a cold? Did you shed ALL your fur??


Does this scarf make my ears look big??

No, I’m not sick or chilly.

But you may remember that a while ago mummy had some of my fur spun into wool. Some of it was used to make my mini-me. But mummy gave the rest to nanny and she mixed it with another wool to knit this pawesome scarf!

It’s going to keep mummy nice and warm in the winter. And I’m hoping when it rains it’ll smell of me hehehehe!

How do you keep your peeps warm in the winter?

Sorry for not being around so much the last few days, mummy has had a big deadline at work. But we should be back to normal service soon.


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