Crazy hot!

We’re in the grip of a mini heatwave here in the UK and I am sweating my fur off! I’ve been sleeping on the kitchen floor where it’s cool and dipping my toes in the paddling pool as often as I can.


So this is just a quick reminder to keep cool. Drink lots, stay in the shade and eat lots of frozen treats:-) I am to milk it for all I can lol.

Keep cool everyone!

6th place

Yesterday we stopped by a local fete and dog show.  We haven’t been to a dog show for ages so we thought it could be fun.

It was more chaotic than shows we’ve been to in the past and it was a little bit too hot for it really, so we didn’t stay long. But I did enter the Prettiest Girl class, figured it was worth a shot. But sadly I only came in 6th. Clearly the judges needed to get their glasses checked LOL.

While we were there I made friends with a husky called Gus, a husky/akita cross and also another girl Mallie who was 9stone/approx 57 kilos!!  – mummy and daddy are hoping I won’t get that big! I also found a discarded burger on the ground – good times:-)

Here are a few photos

Did you have a good weekend?


I’d like to introduce you to my buddy Luna, She’s a husky-collie cross and is about a year and a half. I think she looks alot like Lexus from Loved by a Husky. Here’s a little video of us together, as you can see her human brother wanted to play too lol.

Sorry about all the chat in the background. Some silly talk about cats.

Did you make any new friends today?

WW: happy in the sun

2014-07-04 18.09.28


TT: Top Collar

The other day I was contacted by Top Collar Natural treats about reviewing some of their treats and at the weekend they arrived.

2014-07-05 14.09.24

Top Collar is UK dog treat company who offer a subscription box service that send out treats every two weeks. It costs £8.99 and they have an array of flavours, from Salmon and egg to rice and beans. They can accommodate personal preferences so if there is a flavour your dog doesn’t like you can opt not to receive it, and similarly if there’s one they like alot you can add it to your ‘big wags’ list and receive it more often.

The first thing I noticed is that it came in a slimline package so it fitted perfectly in the letterbox. This means there’s no worries about being out when it arrives.

2014-07-06 08.33.38

The treats themselves are made from all natural ingredients, Top Collar pride themselves on not relying on any salts, fats, or additives to improve the taste.   There was a generous amount of treats in the bags, which is resealable. And most of all they taste yummy!!

2014-07-06 08.33.48

Mummy had trouble taking photos of me eating them as I gobbled them so quickly lol.

I love that these get sent regularly to your house, I think it’s a fab idea. And hope that you will check them out. You can find out more on their website:

Top Collar provided me with a bag of treats for review, but did not otherwise compensate me for this post. The views and opinions expressed in this post and on this blog are entirely my own.


The dog behind the blog

My husky cousins over at Love is Being Owned by a Husky invited me to join in The Writing Process Blog Tour which aims to share our blogging experiences with each other.


The idea is that I answer 3 questions and then nominate a few blogs to do the same. But as mummy helps me to write my blog, I thought I’d give the floor to her this time.

2012-08-26 17.11.50

me and mummy

What am I working on?
Trying to keep my head above water lol! Blogging is a constant balancing act: I work full time, I have a messy husband and a big bouncy dog who gets jealous if I’m on the laptop too much. And I (very occasionally) have a social life. Trying to fit in blogging around everything that is going on is tough at times. But it’s all good fun and I’m not in a hurry to give it up.
In terms of forthcoming posts, Zaki (Misaki) and I are working on a review of some doggy biscuits, which I hope you’ll like, she certainly does! Ages ago I started a mini-me feature which I abandoned, but hoping to pick that up again, and also planning to do some more Sunday walk posts. We really need to spend more time on twitter and facebook as well. Too much to do, too little time!

Why do I write what I do?
I started the blog as a kind of diary following Zaki’s journey to adulthood. I thought my friends would get annoyed with me constantly posting on fb so I decided a blog would be a better fit. I knew next to nothing about blogging when I started and, although I hoped other people would read and identity with what I had to say, my expectations were quite low.  I have some regular followers and commenters now (who I am very grateful for),  but I still try to write for myself, or rather Zaki does – it’s her blog after all! I try to put myself in her place, try to pick out the things that would interest her, and hopefully manage to keep your interest too. I try not to take it too seriously. For the most part I just hope a few pictures of her beautiful face make up for all the things my blog lacks.

How does my writing process work?
I used to write spontaneously, sometimes knocking a post together during my morning commute to work, and would reply to comments during my lunchbreak. I’d even sneak around the blogs I read when I got a quiet moment – yes, I had a cushie job! With Zaki around there is always something to say. On the average walk she’d make a new friend, run off to chase squirrels and eat things she shouldn’t. The only issue was taking photos quick enough to catch whatever was going on. And as I would walk her just before leaving for work it would be fresh in my mind when I put it into a post.
But recently I’ve changed jobs. I now have a very small commute which is great,  but it’s difficult to blog during the day as I used to. I now try to plan what I’m posting for the week in advance to free up time in the evenings to read the blogs I subscribe to – although I always seem to be chasing my tail on that side of things! Forward planning is good in a way, it means my posts aren’t as fresh and I don’t always get the chance to join in some events going on in Blogville. It’s a constant balancing act. I’m hoping one day I’ll figure out the perfect solution. Or perhaps I’ll win the lottery so I can quit my job and become a full-time blogger:-)

Now I’ve shared my experience, I’d like to nominate my bunny buddy Speedy to give you an insight into his blog.



And also the lovely Ann from My Pawsitively PetsPawsitivelyPetsFINAL

I hope you’ll pop by to read them.

If any of you would like to join in too, please do!

Having a ‘whale’ of a time

Recently I was contacted by Joker’s Masquerade about trying out one of their costumes. Mummy wasn’t sure how I’d handle it as although I don’t mind wearing the odd tshirt, I’m not a fan of having anything on my head and the costume she chose had a head piece. But we figured we’d give it a go anyway.

We chose the whale costume mostly because mummy thought it was hilarious it comes in a large size. Unfortunately I’m more on the XL side, but daddy added a bit of extra velcro round my waist to make it fit. It was very easy to put on, especially as the head piece came separately and that fastened round my neck. The quality of the  material used in the costume was very high, was actually surprised how well made it was considering it’s a pet costume. What do you think?


Misaki the killer whale!

The view from behind

The view from behind


I’m totally working this

I know some people have strong opinions about dressing dogs up, but I think that on occasion (and with the right amount of treats) it can be alot of fun. As long as your dog isn’t stressed I can’t see any harm in it.  I wasn’t too sure about this costume at first, but once I got used to it, I got into the spirit of it all. Shame it wasn’t Halloween as I think I would’ve cleaned up on the treat front! But at least this means I don’t need to worry about what I’ll be wearing this year:-)

Do you like being dressed up?

Joker’s masquerade sell costumes for people too, you can find out more on their site.

Joker’s Masquerade provided me with the whale costume for review, but did not otherwise compensate me for this post. The views and opinions expressed in this post and on this blog are entirely my own.

K9 Kelp coins

You probably remember the other week I came third in the K9 Kelp coin contest over at my husky cousin’s pad. And this week they arrived! Aren’t they cool.
Now I have my own currency I’m ready to declare independence! Anyone want to immigrate to Misakiland??

But if you want to join my free-state, you have to abide by my laws. Peeps have to give their doggies endless treats, walks and cuddles. They aren’t allowed to leave us to go to work and we get final say on what goes in the shopping basket. Any takers??

WW: Water play

2014-06-29 11.03.21


Pets on Vacation: Traveling with your Furry Family

Recently I was contacted by Kendra who some of you may know from her twitter account @KendraThornton She invited me to collaborate on a post about travelling with pets. So half of the post is by Kendra and the second half by me. Hope you find it useful.

Travel tips by Kendra

Our best family trips have always included our dog.  While it takes extra effort and planning, it is always worth the time spent to include the dog on our vacation.  Next month we get to host some family as they visit Chicago, and I have shared some of my proven tips to make their trip more memorable for everyone.

Use a Dog Crate

While you may feel guilty at the thought of using a crate, don’t let yourself go down that road. Crates, when used regularly, become a dog’s home and allow her to feel comfortable in all situations. Our dog is used to sleeping in her crate at night, so when we travel I don’t worry about her being anxious and pacing in the new environment. When we crate our dog during long travel days, we make sure to give her plenty of exercise prior to leaving. After an extended game of fetch, she’s likely to sleep in her crate while we travel.

Travel by Car

Planes make travel easy for people, but for dogs, flying is very stressful. Most dogs fly in the cargo hold where it is cold, and they are not monitored by anyone during the flight. In addition, each airline has several strict rules, and a plane ticket for your pup can end up being more expensive than your ticket! I recommend only flying your pet when relocating. It’s important to start planning early and to follow all guidelines.

Research Pet Requirements

Many states have different requirements for pets crossing into their jurisdiction. Before you go, research necessary vaccines and obtain a health certificate from your veterinarian. Make sure that your destination doesn’t require quarantine. I also recommend a microchip for your dog in case she gets away from you during travel. Micro chipping is a quick, pain-free procedure that will let the authorities know that your dog belongs to you should she get lost.

Bring Home With You

Like kids, dogs appreciate a piece of home to travel with them. Bringing a favorite blanket or toy helps dogs feel more comfortable while away from home. Make sure the items fit into the crate easily to avoid packing an additional bag. Another calming trick is to apply lavender oil to your hands before petting your dog. A spinal massage helps our dog to relax when she’s feeling anxious. These tricks will certainly make your dog feel much more safe and secure.

Vacationing is so much fun, and making everyone feel comfortable while we’re away from home makes the trip fun smoothly. Finding a great hotel for both your dog and family makes everyone feel more comfortable. That’s why I suggested the family stay in a hotel right in downtown Chicago. Not only are many pet friendly but they are close to all the sites! By following our same feeding and exercising routine, for both the kids and the dog, we avoid unnecessary travel anxiety. It takes a little extra time to incorporate daily walks, but the enjoyment we get from traveling with our dog is more than worth it.

Travel tips by Misaki

Are you ready?

Before making a long car journey make sure your dog is comfortable travelling. Many dogs only go in the car when they visit the vets so they are stressed as soon as the engine starts.
I used to hate travelling in the car, (which I suspect had more to do with daddy’s driving than anything else lol) and would refuse to even get in. So mummy and daddy fed me in the car a few times. We didn’t go anywhere, we just sat in the car while I ate and then we got out again. Then they tried without the food and just made some short journeys. And gradually I got comfortable with travelling. Now I just settle down and fight off sleep.

Buckle up

Make sure your dog is restrained in your car. Whether in a crate or by a car harness. This will help protect in the case of an accident. I have a hammock which covers the back seat. It prevents me from jumping into the front of the car and also stops me from falling down the seat-wells (although don’t think I’d really fit lol). I’m also restrained by my harness.
If you like to have the windows open, it’s worth thinking about getting a window guard to prevent them from sticking their head out or even jumping out – I have some experience with this!

Regular stops

When planning your journey add some extra time to make some planned stops along the way. Allowing for a wee and water break and letting your dog stretch his/her legs will make them more comfortable during the trip. Although tbh I find that it’s mummy who needs to use the bathroom more than I do lol!


Before you travel, check your dog’s microchip details are up to date and they are wearing ID tags. Also have a recent photo with you just in case they do get lost. It’s definitely better to be safe than sorry.

First Aid

It’s worth taking a first aid kit with you for that just-in-case scenario. You can either buy one ready-made or make up one yourself. And worth looking up the number of the nearest vet to where you’ll be staying, in case you need it in an emergency.


So there you go. Thanks to Kendra for inviting me to join in.


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