Squiggle invasion!

This weekend we went to visit my uncle Andrew and auntie Harriet who have moved south of the river. We went for a nice walk in a nearby park and it was teaming with squiggles, seriously I think it’s an invasion! There were hardly any doggies patrolling the area and these squiggles were running amok.

I did my best to chase them off, but there were far too many for me alone.


I urge all my friends who live that way to be on your guard. I suspect they are organised and motivated.


Did you see any squiggles today? If so, I hope you gave chase!

Eerie morning light

The other morning my park looked like this:

2014-09-08 06.42.37

How eerie does that look!

 Can you see me among the grass and mist? Look close.

 Did you see me? Well here I am. I think I blend in pretty well.

Misaki in the mist

 Have a good Friday everyone!

WW: Pouncing


Misaki the hunter!

Yesterday I went for a lovely walk with my friend Lady. Lady is an expert hunter and she gave me a few tips. And you know what? Her advice worked! I spotted a pheasant, gave chase and I caught it! Mummy and daddy were speechless. I’ve never caught anything before. If mummy had had the big camera she would’ve caught me with it in my mouth and everything!

2014-09-07 08.55.30

The only thing is one I’d caught it I didn’t know what to do with it so I left it behind. Grampy said we should’ve had it for dinner lol.

Have you ever caught anything?


Flying hoovers

The other morning I was walking in the park and heard a funny noise. On some mornings we see a woman on a mobility scooter with her dog, so we thought it was her at first. And although she was there, so was this:

2014-08-21 06.36.31 2014-08-21 06.36.39

Yes it was a flying helecoptor hoover! It made the most awful noise and I decided to give it a wide berth. I mean hoovers are bad enough when they’re on the floor, but in the air too?? Sounds too much like an invasion to me!!!

River fun

At the weekend mummy and I went for a nice long walk along the river. Daddy doesn’t like going to the river much as we have to walk over the bridge which goes on for miles and miles.

2014-08-17 10.47.01

So mummy and I had a solo trip. It was loads of fun. I made friends with a man living in a tent. Mummy said I was being cheeky and after food, but she doesn’t give me enough credit – he seemed lonely and I just wanted to be friends. The fact that he had food was just an added bonus! Mummy didn’t take any pictures, she was too busy trying to get me to move along.

Then as we went a bit further alone the river, I took a little dip and did some full-on doggy-paddling. Mummy said I was a river dog.

2014-08-17 10.23.51

My uncle Andrew saw the photo and said that I looked more like the loch ness monster lol.

Apparently I’m stinky now though and overdue for the Bword- uh oh!

Pond fun

The last few times I’ve been down to the pond I’ve made loads of new friends. This week there was a group of collies and a lab cross. They were all fixated on chasing a ball. Not being that way inclined I just practised my doggy paddle and let them get on with it. I even belly-flopped into the water a few times and daddy said I might make a dock dog afterall! Well, that’s presuming that I don’t actually have to fetch anything lol.

2014-07-27 11.23.47

The only downside of having a good swim, is being called ‘stinky’ afterwards. I wish my peeps had a better sense of smell.


I’d like to introduce you to my buddy Luna, She’s a husky-collie cross and is about a year and a half. I think she looks alot like Lexus from Loved by a Husky. Here’s a little video of us together, as you can see her human brother wanted to play too lol.

Sorry about all the chat in the background. Some silly talk about cats.

Did you make any new friends today?

Wood carvings

The other day I was out walking and stumbled across these wood carvings in some fallen trees. It’s funny as we’ve walked this way lots of times before and this was the first time we’d noticed them. Aren’t they amazing.
2014-06-29 11.30.02

2014-06-29 11.30.08

2014-06-29 11.30.19

2014-06-29 11.30.24

Did you see anything new on your walk today?

The wrong poop

When we go to the pond, I usually run full pelt up the pathway to it, dive in, jump out and then wait for mummy and daddy to catch up. But yesterday I didn’t reappear after turning into the pond. Mummy called me and I finally popped my head round, but they thought the delay was odd considering I always do the same thing. They didn’t think much more about it and daddy started throwing sticks in the water for me. But then mummy almost stepped on a mountainous poop hiding in the grass. She called daddy over and asked him if he thought it was mine, and suggested that was why I had taken so long to reappear. As I hadn’t had a poop already it made sense, plus it looked fairly ‘fresh’ so she set about picking it up. It took 2 bags. And it was pretty smelly.

I carried on playing in the pond, until a Hungarian Vizsla and we played for a bit. Only we were rushing about so much that we knocked his baby brother and sister over – whoops. They were fine, but mummy and daddy were pretty embarrassed so we quickly headed off. While walking back down the path, I stopped to do a (normal-sized) poop. I’m a one-poop a walk kinda dog, so if I was doing it then, who’s poop did mummy pick up??

Daddy thought it was hilarious, especially as she ended up having to carry all three bags till we found a bin.

I guess the moral of this story is, please pick up your poop!


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