I’d like to introduce you to my buddy Luna, She’s a husky-collie cross and is about a year and a half. I think she looks alot like Lexus from Loved by a Husky. Here’s a little video of us together, as you can see her human brother wanted to play too lol.

Sorry about all the chat in the background. Some silly talk about cats.

Did you make any new friends today?

Wood carvings

The other day I was out walking and stumbled across these wood carvings in some fallen trees. It’s funny as we’ve walked this way lots of times before and this was the first time we’d noticed them. Aren’t they amazing.
2014-06-29 11.30.02

2014-06-29 11.30.08

2014-06-29 11.30.19

2014-06-29 11.30.24

Did you see anything new on your walk today?

The wrong poop

When we go to the pond, I usually run full pelt up the pathway to it, dive in, jump out and then wait for mummy and daddy to catch up. But yesterday I didn’t reappear after turning into the pond. Mummy called me and I finally popped my head round, but they thought the delay was odd considering I always do the same thing. They didn’t think much more about it and daddy started throwing sticks in the water for me. But then mummy almost stepped on a mountainous poop hiding in the grass. She called daddy over and asked him if he thought it was mine, and suggested that was why I had taken so long to reappear. As I hadn’t had a poop already it made sense, plus it looked fairly ‘fresh’ so she set about picking it up. It took 2 bags. And it was pretty smelly.

I carried on playing in the pond, until a Hungarian Vizsla and we played for a bit. Only we were rushing about so much that we knocked his baby brother and sister over – whoops. They were fine, but mummy and daddy were pretty embarrassed so we quickly headed off. While walking back down the path, I stopped to do a (normal-sized) poop. I’m a one-poop a walk kinda dog, so if I was doing it then, who’s poop did mummy pick up??

Daddy thought it was hilarious, especially as she ended up having to carry all three bags till we found a bin.

I guess the moral of this story is, please pick up your poop!

Meeting up with Mollie

This weekend mummy, daddy and I took a trip to see my bestie Mollie :-)

We had a lovely walk to the beach where Mollie showed off her swimming skills. I wasn’t too sure about the waves so only paddled my feet. Daddy decided to show me how it’s done and went for full immersion! Only he forgot that his phone was in his pocket and it drowned – whoops

After that we took a walk to a french market were we took in all the smells and I tried to get daddy to buy me some smelly cheese.

Then we headed back to Mollie’s where I was hoping to play chase with Alfie, but he wasn’t interested.

The evening ended with the two mummy’s on the sambuca giggling away while the two daddy’s chatted and watched TV.

Thanks for a lovely day Mollie, hope we get to meet up again soon.

Fun, friends and flipflops

Mummy and daddy recently bought me a kong safestix, this is mostly because I love retrieving sticks from the pond and mummy worries about me hurting myself. So yesterday when we went down to the pond, we tried it out. And as you can imagine, I wasn’t interested at all. So much so that daddy had to wade into the pond to retrieve it LOL.

2014-05-11 12.42.26

Luckily he’d bought his flipflops along just in case. But then lost them in the water.

2014-05-11 12.43.05

Thankfully he found a stick to use. See, sticks are the best and multifunctional!

While there I made friends with an Akita called Caine. He’s a rescue and not usually allowed off-lead. He also doesn’t like water. But with a bit of encouragement he took a dip. First of all on-lead with his daddy and later he went in voluntarily by himself.2014-05-11 12.55.33

Caine and I got on so well that they decided to let him off-lead for us to play, and boy did we play! And play and play.

2014-05-11 13.12.57

His peeps are really pleased as he rarely gets the chance. And they were particularly happy that when we played chase he didn’t run off and instead followed me back to where they were waiting.

2014-05-11 13.13.14

All in all it was a really good day. But it didn’t end well. Mummy said I was stinky and made me have a bath:-(

Do you do anything fun this weekend?


Stretching in the park

Last night daddy and I decided to meet mummy on her way home from work. After we met her, the three of us went for a little walk round the park. As we were heading home, we bumped into another dog walker so we stopped to chat. Anyway, while we were standing there a group of runners appeared and started stretching. It looked like so much fun I ran over to investigate. Mummy and daddy called me back, but I suddenly became completely deaf and couldn’t hear them – weird right? My hearing got even worse when one of the runners gave me a nice fuss under the chin. I then headed over to one of the women runners who was stretching one leg out in front of her. She obviously wanted to give me a bellyrub, so I crawled under her leg and flopped over. But as I laid down, she nearly lost her footing and came pretty close to falling on top of me!

Mummy was caught between laughing and dying of embarrassment. And sadly didn’t take any photos of me and my new friends. If I see them again maybe they’ll let me go on a run with them.

Did you make new friends today?

2014-03-29 15.47.37

Broxbourne Woods

Yesterday was a bank holiday in the UK so both mummy and daddy were home. We decided to meet up with nanny and grampy and explore Broxbourne Woods Nature reserve which has a sculpture trail. I was a bit dubious about the sculptures at first but after a good sniff I declared them safe to pass:-)

Here are a few pics from our walkie.

Did you do anything nice on the bank holiday?

Getting back to normal

The Easter weekend was full of visiting family and catching up with friends, nice long walks, playing in the pond and loads and loads of lovely cuddles:-) Here are a few photos from the past few days.

Did you have a good weekend?

Random Thursday

The weather has been lovely of late so I’ve been spending lots of time doing this:

I’m also super happy cos my buddy Sebastian is home from his 2 week holiday. We’re back to wrestling and having loads of fun together on our walkies. Yay!


But afterwards I was so pooped I decided to make myself comfy on mummy’s feet and took over the bed so daddy couldn’t get in  LOL

2014-04-01 23.41.41



On a totally different topic there’s been loads of stuff on facebook recently about the banning of pinch collars in the UK. I must confess I’d never heard of these before, but I’ve seen some photos and they look horrible. If anyone is interested in getting involved, there’s a fb group dedicated to the campaign which you can find here and a petition that you can sign here:


The last few mornings have been really foggy.


And I’ve discovered it makes for excellent camouflage.  Take today for example,  I found what mummy and daddy thought was a stick.


Only it wasn’t a stick at all, it was half a baguette! Score! And they didn’t realise until mummy had got close enough to take this pic:


By then of course it was too late as my mallie jaws had made quick work of it hahaha!
I’m loving the fog. Wonder what I’ll find tomorrow.


Check out the spiderwebs


Did you find anything on your walk today?


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