Woof like a pirate day!

Ahoy there ye scurvy scallywags! Misaki Slobber-chops is me name and pirating is me game! Arrrr!

misaki the pirate2

Drink up me hearties, yo ho!!

What’s your pirate name? if you don’t have one already, you can generate one here

Happy pillaging and plundering on pirate day!


You may remember that mummy won the Spies Like Us contest that Bacon and Fozziemum hosted. And this weekend a huge parcel came filled with loads of treats.2014-09-06 11.41.52

I can’t wait to try the kangeroo treats they look fab! Thanks so much!

Today is also mummy and daddy’s 8th wedding anniversary


Hope they don’t forget to include me in the celebrations!

WW: Daddy love

2014-08-28 07.01.08


Monday mates

For the past few weeks I haven’t seen any of my friends on the morning walk. All I’ve had to play with is a boring tennis ball and the odd squiggle to chase. Not much fun. But today was a bumper day.
First there was Bella


Then there was Daisy


And then we met Hastings


As you can guess from the blurry photos it was loads of fun. Nothing like a good romp on a Monday morning to start the week off.

Did you meet any friends today?

My spot

Yesterday it was a bank holiday in the UK, which meant that it rained,  rained and then rained some more. I don’t mind the rain at all but mummy wasn’t so impressed. When we came back from our walkies, daddy dried me off and I spent some time in my favourite spot.2014-08-02 12.40.24

They moan that it’s the most awkward place to sleep: daddy has nearly decapitated me several times when he hasn’t realised I’m under his recliner, and as mummy either sits next to him or in the corner, she has trouble stepping over me when she wants to get up.  I love how they blame me for this. Surely they should just find other places to sit??

Do you have a favourite spot?

Monday again

Today over at Bacon and Fozzie mum’s is the voting for their Spies Like Us feature. I was super sneaky and managed to get a pic of mummy munching on my gravy bones – oh the horror! I could not believe my eyes. Anyway, you can vote for the best/worst (depending on how you look at it) photo over at Bacon and Fozzie’s.

 In the meantime if anyone has any tips on how to climb up to play with this peacock, I’m all ears.

2014-08-15 06.37.01

I love a good chase, but not so good at the vertical ones lol.

And the winners are


Jasper running

And in second place, it was Doc.


Speedy was right on his tail so he’ll get a little something too.

Thanks to everyone for taking part and also for voting. Jasper and Doc, I’ll drop you both a line about your prizes soon.


Have a great Thursday everyone!


Last call for entries

Today is the last day to submit your photos for my commonwealth games competition. All the details can be found here. Voting will begin tomorrow.

I’m behind as always: mummy and daddy had the audacity to go to a wedding this weekend and didn’t take me with them – oh the horror! But luckily nanny and grampy came over to keep me company, so I can’t complain too much.

I’m just going to catch on some sleep and then I’m going to catch up with you all.


What did you get up to this weekend?

Ww: water zoomies


Slightly blurry pic of me and Bella doing zoomies in the stream:-)

Don’t forget to enter my photo contest. Details in yesterday’s post.

Alaskan Ridgeback

Often when I come back from the pond and my fur is wet, it parts in the centre.  Mummy says I’m embracing my inner ridgeback:-)

Perhaps I’m not a malamute at all, but an Alaskan Ridgeback! Maybe I should ask Eko and Penny over at Making our Territory if I can join their pack:-)

Does your fur do funny things when it’s wet?


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